Valhalla Charter School Student Award Fund

Travelling west on Highway 59 through Valhalla Centre, one may pass by Valhalla Community School without realizing how unique it is – not only in the region, but unique in the province  –  and indeed in all of Canada because it is Northern Alberta’s first rural Charter School.

Providing a place for children to be educated in their home community has long been a focus for the small rural community since the first school opened in Valhalla in 1914.

Twelve years after the school became a charter school, the Valhalla School Foundation has now created a student award fund with the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta to continue to support local students.

The Valhalla Charter School Student Award fund has been established to provide a student award to a post-secondary student who has completed Grade 9 at the Valhalla Charter School, and who has demonstrated a high level of community involvement and volunteerism through giving of time, skill and overall positive citizenship.

Through hard work, and the dedication of a passionate group of community members the Valhalla Charter School has grown and continues to be a vital part of the community.

You can make a difference in our community – not only for today but forever. When you make a donation to the Valhalla Charter School Student Award Fund, we invest that gift into a permanent endowment fund and the original gift is never spent. Earnings from your gift are distributed to a student award to a student who attended the Valhalla school. Donations can be made online here – or by calling the Community Foundation at (780) 538-2820.