John and Betty Simpson Family

For the Simpson Family, the football field was an extension of their home. With all three sons participating in the sport, there were plenty of crisp fall days spent on the sidelines, cheering on the local teams; the rush of the game outweighing the discomfort of cold noses, and frost filled air.

Football brought the family together, a past time they all enjoyed and participated in.

In 2006 John Simpson and Betty Phillips Simpson established the Simpson/Phillips Family Fund, to ensure that their families love of athletics would be a legacy remembered for generations to come. The Simpson/Phillips Family Fund supports high school football development programs, as well as other charitable causes in the community.

“We didn’t want to just put money into a sports facility, but wanted to assist youth would couldn’t afford to play a sport or attend a sports camp or event. We want to help youth, and make a difference in their lives."

As a donor advised fund, John and Betty work with the foundation during the granting process to determine where their funds should be allocated. This gives them the ability to direct their funds where they feel the need is greatest. By partnering with the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta John and Betty are able to share their passion for athletics with those in the community who may otherwise not have the opportunity. By being donor centred, the Community Foundation helps people create a legacy and connect people with the causes they care about. Together, John, Betty and Family, in partnership with the Community Foundation are working to create a smarter more caring community.

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