Regional Funds

As a charitable advisor serving one of the most significant geographic areas in Alberta, the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta has worked throughout the region to support individuals who wish to invest in their own communities. Regional Community Foundation funds are built on gifts of all sizes which pool together as a single fund that supports charitable causes in a local community. Supported by the leadership and experience of an established Community Foundation and lead by passionate, local community advocates, these funds are a unique and powerful way to invest in your community.

A Fund Advisory Committee, made up of passionate community-minded individuals from the local community, ensures that the fund supports their community’s current priorities along with its emerging needs and future priorities.

Peace River and surrounding communities

West County Community Foundation Fund
Serving communities in Beaverlodge, Elmsworth, Hythe, Wembley, and area.

Sexsmith Community Foundation Building

Sexsmith Community Foundation
Serving Sexsmith and surrounding communities.