Northwestern Alberta Vital Signs®

Northwestern Alberta Vital Signs® is a community check-up that measures our region’s health and vitality, identifies significant trends, and provides in-depth, up-to-date information about the people in our communities and the environments in which we live, work and go to school. Vital Signs helps the entire community stay informed so together we can best address the needs of today and prepare for the needs of tomorrow.

Save the date: The 2017 Northwestern Alberta Vital Signs® Report launch is Tuesday, October 3rd!
Curious about our region? Interested in learning more about this community check-up? Please join us! The Northwestern Alberta Vital Signs® Report digs deep to uncover the state of life in our community and the launch is an opportunity to join in this vital community discussion. The launch starts at 7:30 am, is completely FREE and open to the public. Interested individuals are encouraged to RSVP to

Digging deep to uncover quality of life
As a Community Foundation, it’s essential that if we are going to have a lasting impact, we must dig deep to uncover the state of life in our community. Vital Signs combines people’s perceptions (gathered through an opinion survey) with hard factual data to uncover the reality in our community.

The easy-to-read Vital Signs report celebrates our successes as a region, telling us where we are doing well. It also tackles tough subjects, highlighting areas of real need in the Northwestern Alberta region. It’s a powerful tool that will helps communities – average citizens and decision-makers – be more effective at setting priorities and identifying opportunities for further action.

Vital Signs® is coordinated nationally by Community Foundations of Canada. 

View the 2015 report and past publications.

Vital Pulse: The Link Between Sports and Belonging

How are Canadians creating a stronger sense of belonging through sport and recreation? How can we as residents use sport to help create a stronger sense of belonging amoung residents in the Grande Prairie Area? read our four issues of Vital Pulse - one a week during October and learn more.

Did you know . . . only 3 in 10 Canadians participate regularly in sport activities, and women – across all ethnicities and levels of education and income – are far less likely to participate in sport than men.

View the full report.

Vital Signs® Testimonials

"The City of Grande Prairie is proud to be a supporter of the Vital Signs survey as it is an essential tool for building a stronger, healthier, and more vibrant community. As the city grows, we want to ensure individuals and families of all backgrounds have the opportunity to thrive here. The information provided through the Vital Signs survey, which provides an insightful blend of citizen feedback and hard data, enables us to identify our key strengths and opportunities for growth. This information is important for driving decision making and continues to provide a platform to showcase our region. Thanks to the Vital Signs survey, we are able to continuously work towards a diverse and dynamic community of excellence in Grande Prairie."

Angela Sutherland, Manager, Community Social Development, City of Grande Prairie

"The Vital Signs reports are a valuable tool that we can use to reference when communicating with decision makers and community stakeholders about the benefits of sport and recreation. Research shows that when people are actively involved in sport or recreation, they are healthier with a greater sense of belonging which in turn, leads to a healthier community. A healthier community benefits EVERYONE which means no one escapes the benefits of sport and recreation!"

Karna Germsheid, Executive Director, Grande Prairie Sport Council

"The Vital Signs document provides valuable feedback to school district staff re: the neighbourhoods in which we operate our schools, and it is a valuable source of information used in our strategic planning cycles. The breadth of detailed information about Grande Prairie found in Vital Signs is useful for both staff and families new to our District as well as providing educational stakeholders information about the context in which our District operates. Vital Signs allows us to celebrate what is great about our community and helps organizations like ours be part of a collective effort to continuously improve the overall quality of life in our community."

Alexander (Sandy) McDonald, Superintendent of Schools, Grande Prairie Public School District

"Catholic Family Services used Vital Signs as a key component in planning the future needs and direction of our organization. The statistics on community needs were an important tool to help provide direction on where to best direct our resources."

Catholic Family Services

"Our involvement in Vital Signs has given us the opportunity to share our health data to a wider and more diverse audience. Our health data is just a piece of the puzzle that leads to overall health and wellness, and Vital Signs supported increased linkage to other invaluable partners in our community. In October 2011 at the Grande Prairie Vital Signs launch, Alberta Health Services announced its Workplace Wellness Pilot to local businesses, based on data released in the Vital Signs report."

Donna Koch, Executive Director, Population and Public Health, Addiction and Mental Health North Zone Alberta Health Services

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