Healing through Art

The instructor stood proudly next to a display case filled top to bottom with soap stone carvings. Faces and animals etched so precisely into the stone any on looker would be convinced they were done by the steady hand of a seasoned artist.

"The medium doesn't matter, it is about release. It’s about picking up a paintbrush, or chisel, it’s about being constructive instead of destructive. It's about transforming your life through art."

The Healing Arts Program Initiative through the Centre for Creative Arts is partnering with organizations throughout the Peace Region to offer individuals facing barriers a chance to find an outlet through art instruction.With the assistance of grant dollars from the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta the instructors at HAPI are changing lives by giving at risk community members the chance to express themselves and find hidden talents, and it's working.

"The positive impact this is having in people's lives truly is inspirational. You can see the change, see them opening up to themselves, to others, and to art, and it wouldn't be possible without Community Foundation Support."

Every year the Centre for Creative Arts sees more than four hundred community members aged 3 to 93 pass through their classrooms. They are not just helping those involved in the HAPI program, but also those attending any of their weekly classes. The Centre for Creative Arts, supported proudly by the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta is inspiring creativity, encouraging local talent, and helping us build a more vibrant, caring, and colourful community.

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