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Vital Signs reports across Canada suggest that Canadian youth are finding it increasingly difficult to balance the increasing cost of living with the costs of post-secondary education.

On a local level the 2015 Grande Prairie Area's Vital Signs Report found that Alberta’s high school to post-secondary transition rate of 40% is one of the lowest in Canada. Overall post-secondary participation rate in Alberta is 18% compared to the national average of 24%. These statistics can be attributed to a number of factors including increasing financial pressures on those enrolled in post-secondary and those who wish to attend. 

Through the generosity of our donors, the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta has been able to award thousands of dollars to post-secondary students from our region. In 2016 the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta presented over $30,000 in Student Award Funds to local post-secondary students.

Are you a post-secondary student? Applications for Student Awards will become available in spring 2018. 

the impact of student awards

Time and again these students let us know how impactful that these awards are on the deserving individuals who receive them. We wanted to share a few of their comments about the impact of these awards in 2016:

“Being a recipient of this award has given me a sense of security and confidence to continue my post-secondary studies in the Nursing Program at GPRC. It has helped pay for my tuition in the short term to help me realize my long term goal of becoming an Oncologist.” Kajal Patel – Joseph F. Reder/Hansen Fund Recipient

 Kajel Patel 1


“In my last year of law school, this funding has relieved significant financial burdens, allowing me to focus on my studies and turn my professional dreams into a reality. It allows me to use my saved funds to ensure my health keeps up with my mental and emotional stress due to school. I am truly grateful.” Richard Wong – Storm Stay in School Junior A Hockey Scholarship Fund Recipient



"This funding will aid in the financial stability of me and my son. Going to school as a single parent is very difficult, and [this funding] saves me from having to add yet another time consuming stressor and will allow me to maintain physical and mental health for myself and my child. I am one step closer to a balanced budget as I finish off my second year of my nursing program.” Emma Roberts – Anonymous Donor Student Award Recipient 

Emma Roberts


 “This funding has helped to alleviate some of the financial stress associated with obtaining a post-secondary education. The cost of living is expected to increase in the near future, so this money is greatly appreciated. Thank you!” Kimberly Larson – Nourish the North Fund Recipient


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