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Create your own Legacy fund

Your Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta is actively engaged in community and has insight and knowledge of current and emerging needs, and is in close contact with the many charitable organizations within our region. We will work with you to connect you with the organization or need that resonates most with you.

We offer options that ensure your fund reflects your values, your needs and your goals. Support it all or pinpoint your focus. Take a backseat or take the driver's seat. It is your fund. Your choice. Your impact.

 What is a Legacy Endowment Fund?

Establishing an endowment fund is like opening an investment account for our community. Your contributions are permanently invested and a portion of the interest is distributed annually to local registered charities. You choose how the money will be directed to the community.

Your Options

What matters most to you? Are there particular organizations or types of charitable work you want to support? How involved do you want to be in ongoing decision-making? Answering these questions will help you decide the type of fund that is right for you. Here are your options:

  • Community Impact Funds
    Do you want to support the full range of charitable work in of our community? When you establish a Community Impact Fund, you are enabling the Foundation to respond to requests from charitable organizations, address-changing needs in our region and take on innovative new projects.

    Community Impact Funds have endless potential helping our region by addressing emerging and pressing needs of the community both now and in the future.

  • Field of Interest Funds
    Is there an issue that is meaningful to you? Field of Interest Funds allow you to choose the area(s) you want to support; Foundation staff match charitable projects with your interests.

  • Designated Funds
    Is there a particular charity close to your heart? Designated Funds allow you to select the organization(s) that will benefit from your fund forever.

  • Donor Advised Funds
    Do you want to decide annually which organizations will receive grants from your fund? Donor Advised Funds allow you to address changing needs and work with Foundation staff to determine the projects that meet your interests and goals for the community.

  • Student Award Funds
    Do you have a passion for education or a special interest in providing opportunities for young people? Student Award Funds help students achieve their educational goals.

  • Charitable Organization Funds
    Funds are established by charitable organizations across the region to provide them with a sustainable source of long term funding. Anyone can make a donation in support of a charity that you care about.


    Partnering with community throughout the region
    Regional Community Funds are a partnership with a community and the Foundation where a group of passionate people who either live in the area, or who have meaningful connections wish to build Legacy Funds in support of a geographical area. These dedicated individuals ensure that the fund supports their communities’ current priorities along with its emerging needs and future opportunities.

    North Peace Community Foundation Fund
    Serving Peace River and the surrounding communities.

    West County Community Foundation Fund
    Serving communities of Beaverlodge, Elmsworth, Hythe, Wembley and area.

    Sexsmith & District Community Foundation Fund
    Serving Sexsmith, and the surrounding communities.

establishing your Legacy fund

Once you have decided the type of fund that is right for you, creating your fund is a simple process. Please contact our office at +1 780 538 2820 for more information about putting your plan into action, or with any questions, you may have. We would be happy to walk you through the decision-making process and help determine the type of fund that will suit you best.



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