Giving Options

The heart of giving

We care about our home and our community; it's the place we live, play, work, and raise our families. We all want to find a way to give and to show our appreciation whether out of a sense of duty or simply because it feels good to give.

We work with many donors and supporters from all corners of our community.

With the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta, it is possible to give back to your community now and leave a legacy for the future. We work with you to set up an endowment fund, a kind of savings account, dedicated to philanthropy. We help you put aside money that will be used for the charity or project of your choice.

Community Foundation has helped thousands of donors make a positive difference in their communities and in the lives of the everyday people.

Making Giving easy

It's easy to set up your own endowment fund. Community Foundation helps complete all the paperwork and manages the administration of your legacy fund. You simply need to make three decisions:

1. Timing

  • Choose the timing. Do you want your endowment fund to be established:
  • Immediately - you can start giving grants right away
  • In the near future - through a savings program
  • At a later date - such as through your estate

2. Type of fund

Decide on the type of fund you would like:

    • Community Impact Fund – pool your money with others to address emerging community needs
    • Field of Interest Fund – you dedicate your funds to a general area (like Arts and Culture, youth or seniors) and our advisory committees decide which specific charity or project to support
    • Donor-Advised Fund – you select all charities or projects that will benefit
    • Designated funds - specify that charities you want to support in perpetuity (includes student awards funds which help post secondary students reach thier educational goals)
    • Charitable Organization Fund - are established by charitable organizations to provide them with a sustainable source of long-term funding.

3. Finances

Gifts to the foundation can take many forms. You can choose any number of financial instruments to set up your fund. There are many options including cash, security, and life insurance. 

We are very grateful to you for supporting the work of the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta. For further information about establishing a legacy endowment fund, please contact us at  (780) 538 2820.

*Interested in learning more on how to help you in your work with clients, call the foundation office at (780) 538-2820


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