Community Impact Grant Application

Community Impact Grant Guide

Applications for 2021 open May 1, 2021 and close September 30, 2021.

Paper or email applications are not accepted.

Does Your Organization Qualify To Apply?

Community Impact Grants may only be made to a registered charity or other qualified donees defined under the Income Tax Act. If you are not sure that your organization is a qualified donee, you may visit the Charities section of the Canada Revenue Agency website.


Community Impact Grants aim to support our region.

To be eligible for a Community Grant, you must:
  • Have met all reporting requirements if you have had other grants from the Community Foundation.
  • Demonstrate inclusiveness and respect for cultural diversity.
  • Demonstrate financial responsibility and effective management.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the project through a meaningful contribution of their own human/and or financial resources.
The Community Foundation supports growth and innovation through grants for projects that:
  • Demonstrate local action to achieve results.
  • Link the organizations mandate and strategic plans.
  • Show evidence of collaboration with others in the same field within our region.
  • Work together to create a better future and to address challenges.

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The Community Foundation DOES NOT offer Community Impact Grants for:
  • Sponsorships
  • Deficit reduction (e.g. debts or loans)
  • Operating or capital deficits (salaries are not eligible for funding, however, contract fees for specific projects are eligible)
  • Expenses incurred before the date of grant approval
  • Sports teams or club sponsorships, except for athletic development
  • Fees for professional performers or guest artists
  • Support for individuals
  • Endowment funds
  • 100% of the project’s budget
  • Annual fundraising drives for operating support
  • Activities of religious organizations that primarily serve their membership and/or direct religious purposes
  • Political activity that is prohibited by the Canada Revenue Agency

For more information about Community Grants, contact Rhonda at or by phone at 780-538-2820.

Our Community Impact Grant Program promotes a healthy, vibrant community that embraces diversity and support all of its members. It is through the generosity of our fund holders and donors that we are able to offer these grants to our region. The Community Foundation is honoured to be able to offer these grants to you. Charitable organizations are the heart of the community, making our region a better place to work, play and live. Thank you for the work you do. Together. We are building smarter more caring communities.

Notes about the process

All submitted materials become the property of the Community Foundation. By submitting an application, you consent to and acknowledge that we may share information about your application and/or your organization on our website and with media, our staff and Board of Directors, donors, and subject-matter experts.

Staff may contact you to discuss your application or request additional information about your project or organization during the review process.

  • Final reporting is required from all successful grant applicants