Better Together COVID-19 Response from your Community Foundation

The COVID-19 pandemic created significant challenges across our region:

  • responding to the current challenges of our local organizations,
  • will support recovery of these essential organizations, and will
  • lead in supporting the rebuilding of our region for the wellbeing of all citizens. 

We continue to provide supports that will assist and help those most vulnerable in our community and bridge the gaps. In response, we have established the Better Together COVID Response Fund to support all sectors serving our community.

To see a list of our 2020 Grants that include grants from this fund visit here – 2020 Community Impact Grants Listing

Better Together COVID-19 Response Fund

We have not dealt with an economic and health crisis prior and recognize these times are unprecedented. This fund will support organizations now as they manage the crisis and will be available as they rebuild to their new norm. The economic and health crisis brought on by COVID-19 tested our communities’ resiliency and stamina. The Better Together COVID-19 Response Fund provided an avenue for corporations, organizations and individuals to support the many shifting needs as we navigated the pandemic. This fund will continue to support organizations as we know the long term effects of this pandemic will unfold in the months and years to come.


If you have questions about Community Grants, please contact Rhonda Reichert.