Better Together COVID-19 Response from your Community Foundation

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit our region hard. The Community Foundation is:

  • responding to the current challenges of our local organizations,
  • will support recovery of these essential organizations, and will
  • lead in supporting the rebuilding of our region for the wellbeing of all citizens. 

We continue to monitor this quickly moving situation and are working to provide supports that will assist and help those most vulnerable in our community and bridge the gaps. In response, we have established the Better Together COVID Response Fund to support all sectors serving our community, and the Community Kitchen and Foodbank Fund to ensure our vulnerable population have access to healthy and adequate food.

Better Together COVID Response Fund

We have not dealt with an economic and health crisis prior and recognize these times are unprecedented. This fund will support organizations now as they manage the crisis and will be available as they rebuild to their new norm.

Better Together COVID-19 Response Grant

Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta supports charitable organizations working to create and sustain a healthy and resilient Northwestern Alberta where everyone is valued, contributes and has a strong sense of belonging.

The Better Together COVID-19 Response Fund is for charitable organizations serving those affected in Northwestern Alberta by the COVID-19 pandemic. Grants will be made based on need and available funding.


A registered charity (registered with Canada Revenue Agency) is eligible to apply if it serves the Northwestern Alberta area.


The Better Together COVID-19 Response Grant aims to support charitable organizations serving those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Northwestern Alberta. 

Eligible initiatives:

  • Must be charitable in nature;
  • Must be for the benefit of the community of Northwestern Alberta.
  • Must provide direct response and support to those affected by COVID-19;
  • Must use the grant awarded to provide for expenses incurred or planned in Northwestern Alberta.

The following initiatives are ineligible:

  • Deficit reduction (e.g. debts or loans);
  • Building an endowment or general fundraising;
  • Sponsorships;
  • Initiatives without specific benefit to Northwestern Alberta.


1. Read the Grant Guidelines link below and assess your program/project eligibility. 
2. Fill out and submit your application through the Survey Monkey link below.

Staff may contact you to discuss your application. Within 2 weeks, you will receive an email notifying you if your grant request was approved or denied.


If you have questions about Community Grants, please contact Rhonda Reichert.

Please note that this grant is funded by the new Better Together COVID-19 Response Fund and the amounts available to grant will depend on the amounts donated to the fund. 

The Canadian government has also announced support for businesses and individuals.  Please visit their site to see if you qualify. 

Community Kitchen and Foodbank Fund

This fund is designated to support the Salvation Army food hamper needs and the Community Kitchen hot meal program.