Beth Sheehan A Pioneer of Philanthropy

There are some people who are just born with an inextinguishable desire to improve the world they live in. These people hold within them a deeply engrained belief in serving others above themselves.

Beth Sheehan was one of these rare souls.

A gifted historian and photographer, an avid volunteer, and a truly passionate philanthropist; Beth embodied the idea of doing everything with Love and kindness.

Beth was considered a true pioneer of the Peace Region. Her family were some of the first to settle in the area in 1909. Throughout her life here she kept impeccable records and photographs of the history and development of our wonderful region, eventually donating all of the information to the South Peace Archives, ensuring the History of our area will be remembered forever.

Beth was a true advocate of our community, her family helped build this area, and she loved it deeply. She was always willing to give back to organizations who worked to better the peace region, and often did so anonymously. She never felt the need to be in the spotlight.

In 2008 she started the Sheehan Flint Family Fund with the Community Foundation, as a legacy to her pioneer family, and to ensure that her memory is carried on long after she is gone.

In 2013 at the age of 93 Beth passed away, because of her established legacy with the Community Foundation and countless other organizations throughout the Peace Region, Beth’s legacy will continue to be felt in throughout Northwestern Alberta for Generations to come.

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