am·bas·sa·dor, n. Official envoy, diplomatic agent, authorized representative, messenger.
What Does It Mean To Be An Ambassador?
An ambassador is a person who helps promote the Community Foundation in the course of your activities. Being an ambassador means sharing information, spotting opportunities and spreading the word about community philanthropy. It’s a role that any Community Foundation volunteer — board members, committee members and others — can fill. And it greatly expands the organization’s marketing reach.
Being An Ambassador Is Part Of The Job

Persons appointed to the Ambassador Club are past board members and persons who help to promote the Community Foundation in the course of their activities.

Allan Kuechle • Andy Beal • Bernd Manz • Brent Oilund • Carmen Haakstad • Clyde Blackburn • Dan Pearcy • Dave Gourlay • Dave Nuth • Don Blonke • Doug Morris • Drew Lamont • Fred Rinne • Gord Graydon • Gordon Meyers • Gordon Pearcy • Jason Lainchbury • Kari Speaker-Smith • Keith Curtis • Kevin Chrenek • Kim Logan • Leonard Scharbach • Linda Side • Lyle Carlstrom • Mary Ann Eckstrom • Owen Lewis • Pat Cyr • Perry Sorensen • Pete Merlo • Ron Regnier • Sean Doerkson • Terry Tissington • Vince Vavrek • Wayne Ayling

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