About Us

Your community makes you. And you make your community.

Your Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta is community inspired. We listen to our donors and community, and help connect people like you with local and regional organizations and causes that you care about. We support charities by funding projects that create meaningful and lasting impacts in communities through a range of grants. And we do this work across all of northwestern Alberta.

We are unique because we encompass ALL areas of community. We work with individuals, families, service groups, corporations and charitable agencies to create permanent legacy funds, then invest this money and use the income to support charities and causes in the region. And because the original capital is endowed in a legacy fund, the funds generate income, forever.

In keeping with donors’ wishes, our impact grants support innovative projects and programs in communities throughout our region -- providing healthy food for kids, ensuring seniors care and support is available for those in need, improving access to post-secondary education, supporting creativity, helping the most challenged members of our community, and many other worthy causes strengthening the core of our community.

There are numerous opportunities in providing leadership in our communities through change and complexity. Each community has unique experiences and challenges and it is our job to listen and respond to them, creating a smart and caring community. We encourage collaboration among charitable agencies, facilitating learning and convening opportunities for all.

Our mission



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