"I have lived in Grande Prairie my entire life.  This community is where I live, work and play.  It's where we raised our family, it's where I was raised .... this is home. 

We all take up space on this earth . . we are put here for a purpose.  Nature gives back every single year, plants grow, winter comes, plants die and they resurrect in the spring.   The soil rejuvenates itself from this cycle of nature, and we are part of nature.  So as humans it is our responsibility to give back just like nature gives back every single year.

I believe community IS our foundation.  As a founding member, the whole concept of the Community Foundation resonated with me because it was forever, and I could really identify with something that made a lasting difference Forever."      

Vince Vavrek
Founding Member, Ambassador, Smart & Caring Leaders Sponsor, Donor & Fundholder


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