“Community means being proud of raising our kids, proud of building our business and having something that is part of our community to foster and grow.      

The Community Foundation is a great way to give back because it was all-encompassing it looks at all areas in need.  With their focus on Vital Signs, the Community Foundation has a pulse on the community’s greatest needs.  Vital Signs is a great way to reach out to more projects and places that need help that may not have otherwise been able to receive support.

Giving back for me was about watching my own parents give back to their community growing up, and their community became a part of their family.  I want the same for my family and want to see that fostered in my own children . . . because I learned that from my own parents . . . and it’s fun to give back!"

Kari Speaker Smith
Ambassador, Smart & Caring Leaders Sponsor, Donor & Fundholder

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